eSafeBackup server
Reliable Online Backup and Recovery Solutions for Your Home or Office.
  • Point in Time Backup
  • Users can restore ‘point in time’ versions of files without loading tapes one after the other.
  • Live Online Tech Support
  • Knowledgeable support.
  • Online Backups are the Easiest and Surest Way to Protect Your Data.
  • Your Data is Encrypted and Compressed Before it Ever Leaves Your Computers.
  • Simple & Fast!
  • After the first full backup, only incremental block level changes are sent – optimizing bandwidth & storage usage.

Why Should You Backup Online?

Data is at the core of your business. Your emails, customer records, documents, invoices – they’re all data you can’t do without! A data disaster can be crippling for a business, and the cost of downtime is typically in tens of thousands of dollars!

Backup irreplaceable data from your desktops, laptops and servers – with online data backup service. With state of the art software and robust infrastructure, we provide you an enterprise class online backup service that ensures that you can quickly get up and running after any kind of data disaster!

We simply install an agent on each computer (workstation/server) that you wish to protect. After a simple initial configuration, backups happen securely and automatically while we monitor and manage the process remotely – without ever accessing your data!

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